Server Information

VegaRO is a Play-to-Win Ragnarok Online fully implemented 3rd jobs and with 100x100x30x rates with all available jobs out there, such as the 3rd Jobs, Rebellion, Oboro/Kagerou, Star Emperor & Soul Reaper. We have set our current Episode 17.1 "Illusion" with Update Skill Rebalance features. Newest updates and contents from different server in jRO & kRO item with updated Item info. Join with us you can enjoy a number of official Instances and make your own desire build in the newest update on the server. with well planned updates. We have few custom features such as fishing & mining, many events to entertain everyone regardless of class. With a very secured anti-cheat system to make sure that everyone's effort is equal and gained fairly. Lastly, as a stable.